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Aperture is one of the component of exposure triangle. It is a lens, not a camera parameter, and is one of the factors for why we have such a difference in prices. The smaller number on Aperture, the more expensive lens. Also the lenses are identified by the smallest f-number available and their focal length.

Along with shutter speed and ISO and depending on what your final result want to be, brighter or darker images, or just a shallow depth of field with great bokeh, aperture is key of understanding how your camera works.

The f number: It is (f), the focal length, divided by diameter of the aperture of the lens. In picture below you can observe a f11 aperture for my Mamiya film camera. This means aperture is 11 times smaller than the focal length, in my case a 135mm lens.

Diaphragm – Aperture f.11


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